Bankruptcy – is it right for me?

Bankruptcy – is it right for me?

We’ll help you decide if bankruptcy is your best option

Start Again without any Debt

All debts cleared in 12 months.

Get a free assessment

Fully understand your options and any implications.

Benefit from legal protection

Collection activity and legal action stopped.

Trusted Advice – Confidential Support

We helped 1000’s find the way to debt freedom.

Quick Bankruptcy Check

“For us – bankruptcy was not an end but a new beginning.”

Apply For Bankruptcy

“Debt Guardians helped us to understand our options.”

Is Bankruptcy My Only Option?

We will assess your situation to determine if bankruptcy or another formal solution such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or a Debt Relief Order is your most suitable choice.

But, if all other options have been explored then it's better you take the bankruptcy plunge now rather than continuing to struggle to make payments. You would only be delaying what we hope to be the start of your financial rehabilitation.

What About My Home?

If you're a homeowner either solely or with a partner - we will look to see how bankruptcy could impact all parties.

What About My Business?

If you're a business owner or are self employed - it may be advantageous not to go bankrupt so avoiding restrictions that may impede you trading. We can explain how you may be better served by alternative options.

Bankruptcy Costs

To apply for your own bankruptcy there are fees payable to the Insolvency Serivce.

These total £680 and comprise of a £130 adjudicator fee and a £550 Official Receiver’s fee.

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