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Debt Relief Order

Find out if you qualify for a DRO today

All Debt Written-Off

Become debt free in 12 months.

No Repayments

Nothing to repay with a DRO.

Full Legal Protection

No more nasty letters or phone calls.

Learn Your Eligibility Today

You may be able to stop all payments immediately.

DRO Eligibility Check

What is a Debt Relief Order?

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) is a way to deal with your debts if you don’t own your home, don’t have much spare income and your debts are no more than £20,000.

If you qualify, a Debt Relief Order will almost certainly be your best route to debt freedom.

Debt Relief Orders were introduced by Government for people who could not afford the fees to go bankrupt even when it was be in their interests.

Applying For A DRO

Your financial situation is assessed by a DRO advisor.

Your debts must total less than £20,000 and your assets must not exceed £1,000 in value.

Some debts and assets are excluded and so don’t count towards this limit.

Your DRO advisor will guide you through the application and you'll only pay a £90 fee to the Insolvency Service.

Being in a Debt Relief Order

When the DRO is accepted you enter the 'DRO period' which lasts 12 months.

During this time you don't make any repayments and those you owe cannot take any action to recover any included debts.

When DRO period completes all debts are written off.

Which Debts Are Covered?

Most debts are written off by a Debt Relief Order.

Loans & Overdrafts

Store & Credit cards

Benefits over payments

HMRC & Council tax arrears

Debts with a Court Judgement

Rent, Gas and Electricity arrears

Catalogues & Buy now – pay later agreements

For other debts contact Debt Guardians for clarification

Certain debts cannot be included in a Debt Relief Order DRO such as; criminal court fines; debts obtained by fraud; child support arrears and most student loans.

Unsecured debts only
Available in England and Wales only.
Subject to qualifying criteria and acceptance.

See DRO Benefits and Considerations to take into account before deciding upon a Debt Relief Order.

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