Debt Consolidation Loan or IVA.
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Repay Debt With a Loan or IVA?

See if you can save £1000s with an IVA rather than trying to pay debts with another loan.


  • Payments based on affordability
  • All interest & charges stopped.
  • Large % of debt written off.
  • Legal protection from those you owe.

Debt Consolidation Loan

  • Repay your debts in full + ongoing interest
  • Charges to pay if payments are missed.
  • If secured – greater risk of repossession.

IVA eligibility check

Get an instant on screen estimation of how much you could save with an IVA over a loan.

Debt Includable in an IVA

Most debts can be included and repayments reduced

Loans & Overdrafts

Store & Credit cards

Benefits over payments

HMRC & Council tax arrears

Debts with a Court Judgement

Rent, Gas and Electricity arrears

Catalogues & Buy now – pay later agreements

For other debts contact Debt Guardians for clarification

Unsecured debts only. Certain debts cannot be included in an IVA such as; criminal court fines; debts obtained by fraud; child support arrears and most student loans.

6 Reasons to consider an IVA over a Debt Consolidation Loan


Your Overall Cost
With an IVA you repay part of your debts to clear them in full. With a consolidation loan your total costs will be more than you owe now.


Interest Stopped
This alone could save you £1000’s over repaying a loan for 5-10 years.


Protection From Creditors
Those you owe are not allowed by law to pursue payment for any debts included in your IVA.


Feeling Rejected?
Being declined for a loan is recorded on your credit report. Entering into an IVA is also – but making a enqury here to discuss an IVA is not.


Affordable Payments
Your IVA payments are based on what you can afford – not the size of your debts.


Don’t Secure – Unsecured Debt?
If you make unsecured, secured with a homeowner a loan then there is at risk of repossession if your fail to maintain payments.

“We needed to break the borrowing from Peter to pay Paul cycle.”

Apply For Debt Consolidation

“Debt Guardians helped us to understand our options.”

How does an IVA work?

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is a legal agreement between you and those you owe money (your creditors).

You agree to pay off a percentage of your debt over a given period of time, by means of affordable repayments (normally 60 months).

If you owe more than £6,000, are struggling with payments but can afford at least £80 per month - an IVA may be the right debt solution for you.

Applying For An IVA

When you contact us we will chat about your current situation, including your income, outgoings and debts. This will tell us if an IVA is a good option for you.

Should an IVA be suitable - the next step is to draw up an IVA proposal for consideration by your creditors.

If the proposal is approved all creditors are bound by its terms. All debts are frozen so no more interest or changes can be added.

Being In An IVA

Creditors must not chase you for payments for any of the included debts. So, no more letters, phones calls nor threats of legal action.

Provided you maintain payments - unpaid debt is written off at the end of the IVA, which typically lasts 60 months.

Your expenditure is expected to keep within reasonable guidelines - but you won't be asked to live in poverty.

Unsecured debts only. An IVA should only be considered in extreme circumstances as failure to adhere could result in bankruptcy. Terms & Conditions apply.

Available in England and Wales only. Subject to creditor acceptance.

See IVA Benefits and Considerations to take into account before entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

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