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Stop Bailiff Action

We deal with Councils, Courts, Bailiffs and Enforcement agents.

Our aim is that you keep your possessions while a solution, acceptable to all parties, is found.

Bailiffs & Enforcement Agents Stopped

Know your rights and ways to avoid further bailiff action.

Call Us For Instant Advice

Bailiffs on their way? Call us before they arrive.

Bailiffs At Your Home?

Help is at hand. We can speak to the bailiffs at your door.

A Longer Term Solution

We can look to see if a solution where you only need to repay part of this and any other debts is possible.

Get Instant Bailiff Help

How Debt Guardians Can Help

Our goal is you keep your belongings while finding a longer term solution.

Offer You Our Advice

Bailiffs currently involved or not - we are happy to give our advice. Just get in touch.

We Can Phone The Bailiff Company

If you’ve had a letter to say bailiffs are coming, we can speak to them to potentially stop this.

We Can Help With A Bailiff At Your Door

We can speak with to them on your behalf. We can contact the debt owner and/or the collection agents to stop the current activity while you, with our help, put together a solution.

A longer term solution

If you ignore or send an enforcement agent away, they will return and each time charges may increase. Charges are lawful, and, at some point you may need to address the debt, and the charges.

Where we deal with bailiffs on your behalf we are doing so as part of the process of determining if an IVA is an appropriate financial solution for you. Your items are at risk until an IVA is in place.

Know Your Rights

Key Rules To Dealing With Bailiffs

Don't Let Bailiffs Enter Your Home

You are not required to let bailiffs into your home nor are they allowed to force entry. They can enter by peaceful means, so keep windows and doors locked.

Don't Sign Anything

This may allow the bailiff to use force next time. An items seized are likely to be sold at fraction of as new value. It's the worst way to repay a debt.

Don't Be Intimidated

You have rights and the enforcement agents must conduct themselves in a lawful and respectful manner.

Face Up To The Issue

If you’re being visited by bailiffs, you must accept to the loss of some possessions or start payments in some form very soon.

Get A Call Back

Don't Panic - Help Is Available

Get In Touch

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Call us or use the form for immediate assistance.

2 -Get Advice Now

A friendly & experienced advisor from Debt Guardians will contact you to discuss the situation.

3 - Your Solution

Benefit from immediate assistance and well look at a longer term solutions to get you back in control of your money.

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