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The Different Kinds Of Debts

Some are more important that others – know your options.

Priority Debts

Pay these debts first. Priority debts are not necessarily your largest, but non-payment has swift and severe consequences.

Secured Loan Debt

1st and 2nd charges and how secured loans are treating in an IVA.

Unsecured Debts – Action Creditors Can Take

Creditor can’t seize an asset and so can be more aggressive in their approach to arrears.

payday loans debt help

Help – I can’t afford my payday loan.

What to do if you can’t afford to pay and payday loan alternatives.

Hire Purchase Debt

Missing HP payments? Your consumer rights explained

Debts From Gambling

When credit is given to bet with, the debt is not enforceable in law.

Council Tax Debt – Could I Write Some Off?

Maybe. It depends on several factors, including who your local council is.

Door Step Loans

Doorstep Loans- What If I Can’t Pay?

Getting cash delivered to you home is convenient. Not so the doorstep collectors.

Gas & Electricity Bills Debt Help

Utility arrears. What to do if you can’t pay your bill.

Water Bills debts

Water Arrears Debt – Can I Be Shut Off?

No, while usually you can’t be shut off, the water company can take action to recover money owed.

bank debts

Avoid Debts With Your Bank

Why you need a fresh bank account when entering into an IVA

Logbook Loan Debts

Warning: Once a logbook loan is made the vehicle belongs to the logbook loan company

Tax Arrears and HMRC Debt

The HMRC issues more bankruptcy petitions than anyone else – don’t be next

Debts From Fines – Treatment In Insolvency

What enforcement you can expect if you don’t pay and how they are viewed by insolvency legislation.

statute barred debts

Statute Barred Debts

These are old debts which under certain (and sometimes complicated) conditions you the law says you need not to repay.

Child Maintenance Arrears

Child Maintenance Arrears

It’s a financial obligation and nothing to do with lending. Normal rules do not apply

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