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Debt Guardians’ Advice Centre

Tips and information about dealing with debts

The different kinds of debts

Some are more important that others – know your options.

Priority Debts

Pay these debts first. Priority debts are not necessarily your largest, but non-payment has swift and severe consequences.

Secured Loan Debt

1st and 2nd charges and how secured loans are treating in an IVA.

Unsecured Debts – Action Creditors Can Take

Creditor can’t seize an asset and so can be more aggressive in their approach to arrears.

payday loans debt help

Help – I can’t afford my payday loan.

What to do if you can’t afford to pay and payday loan alternatives.

Hire Purchase Debt

Missing HP payments? Your consumer rights explained

Debts From Gambling

When credit is given to bet with, the debt is not enforceable in law.

Council Tax Debt – Could I Write Some Off?

Maybe. It depends on several factors, including who your local council is.

Door Step Loans

Doorstep Loans- What If I Can’t Pay?

Getting cash delivered to you home is convenient. Not so the doorstep collectors.

Gas & Electricity Bills Debt Help

Utility arrears. What to do if you can’t pay your bill.

Water Bills debts

Water Arrears Debt – Can I Be Shut Off?

No, while usually you can’t be shut off, the water company can take action to recover money owed.

bank debts

Avoid Debts With Your Bank

Why you need a fresh bank account when entering into an IVA

Logbook Loan Debts

Warning: Once a logbook loan is made the vehicle belongs to the logbook loan company

Tax Arrears and HMRC Debt

The HMRC issues more bankruptcy petitions than anyone else – don’t be next

Debts From Fines – Treatment In Insolvency

What enforcement you can expect if you don’t pay and how they are viewed by insolvency legislation.

statute barred debts

Statute Barred Debts

These are old debts which under certain (and sometimes complicated) conditions you the law says you need not to repay.

Child Maintenance Arrears

Child Maintenance Arrears

It’s a financial obligation and nothing to do with lending. Normal rules do not apply

Creditor Action

The actions creditors can take to chase payment.

man reading solicitor letter chasing debt repayments

Solicitor Letters Chasing Debts

A polite reminder, a letter before action, a statutory notice. Which is it?

Home visit from debt collectors

Dealing With Debt Collectors At Your Door

A debt collection agent at your door should not be confused with a bailiff acting in an official capacity.

A couple doing sums after getting a default notice

I Have A Default Notice – What Does That Mean?

It’s a formal notification that a contractual payment has been missed you are in arrears.

Final Demand

Final Demand – What Should I Do?

Not a statutory notification, but it is a generally expected before legal action can be taken.

Worried Couple A CCJ

County Court Judgement – CCJ

If you get a judgment, this means that the court has formally decided that you owe the money.

Chargin Order

Help – I’m worried about a Charging Order

Danger: A charging order turns an unsecured debt into a debt secured against your home.

Order To Obtain Information

Creditors can apply for a court order to question you under oath about your financial situation

Statutory Demand

I’ve Been Sent a Statutory Demand?

Scare tactic or a threat of bankruptcy? Ignore at your peril as you may be made bankrupt.

Can Payments Be Taken From My Benefits?

Money can be taken directly from benefits for certain types of debts and payments.

3rd Party Debt Order

Attachment Of Earnings

An Attachment Of Earnings Order tells your employer to pay some of your wages to the Court.

3rd Party Debt Order

Third Party Debt Order

A creditor wants to get to your money before you do.

Bailiff carrying Item out of home

Bailiffs – What Are My Rights?

Learn how bailiffs must conduct themselves and which of your items which they can’t take.

Credit Rating and Credit Reports

Dispel the myths – learn the facts

Credit Reports

Credit Ratings And Reports

How can I see mind – and why do I have more than one?

Improve your credit report

How To Improve Your Credit Rating

10 ways to maximise your credit score

Credit Reports Explained

Understanding Your Credit Report

How to read and understand the information in your credit report.

Correcting Errors On Your Credit Report

Fixing Errors On Your Credit Report

Incorrect data on your credit report? Correct data you want to comment on? Do something about it.

IVA Info and Guides

Learn all about IVAs with our informative guides

IVA Pro and Cons

Benefits and considerations to be taken into account before deciding upon an IVA.

IVA criteria

IVA Acceptance Guidelines

The circumstances and financial situation that contribute to a successful IVA proposal

Debt Included in an IVA

IVA – Debts You Can Include

Learn which debts are treated as expenditure item and which are included as a creditor.

Debt Consolidation Loan or IVA?

See if you can save £1000s with an IVA rather than taking out another loan

IVAs for the Self Employed

Combine personal & business debts into an IVA. Avoid bankruptcy and keep trading.

Priority Debts in an IVA

The difference between debts as expenditure items and included debts in an IVA explained

IVA or Debt Management Plan

A look at differences between a debt management plan and an IVA

IVA guarantor loans

Guarantor loans in an IVA

How guarantor loans are treating in an IVA if you are the borrower or the guarantor.

IVAs and Homeowners

The benefits and considerations for homeowners considering an IVA

IVA or Bankruptcy?

An IVA and bankruptcy are both forms of insolvency but they work very differently.

IVA Example Cases

A IVA helps all sorts of people find a way out of their debt problems.

IVAs and Joint Debts

If you have joint debt and include it in your IVA, the other person is still be responsible for making payments towards it.

IVA Proposal

This is your detailed IVA application – put together by us

Your IVA Application and FAQ

Before committing to an IVA we get as much information as possible so we are sure it’s right for you.

Meeting of Creditors

The MOC process is totally electronic and does not involve any actual meeting.

IVA Regulatory Information

Information for people considering an IVA we required to signpost.

IVA Fees and Costs

An explanation of the Fees and Costs associated with Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

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