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Creditor Action

The actions creditors can take to encourage or enforce payment.

man reading solicitor letter chasing debt repayments

Solicitor Letters Chasing Debts

A polite reminder, a letter before action, a statutory notice. Which is it?

Home visit from debt collectors

Dealing With Debt Collectors At Your Door

A debt collection agent at your door should not be confused with a bailiff acting in an official capacity.

A couple doing sums after getting a default notice

I Have A Default Notice – What Does That Mean?

It’s a formal notification that a contractual payment has been missed you are in arrears.

Final Demand

Final Demand – What Should I Do?

Not a statutory notification, but it is a generally expected before legal action can be taken.

Worried Couple A CCJ

County Court Judgement – CCJ

If you get a judgment, this means that the court has formally decided that you owe the money.

Chargin Order

Help – I’m worried about a Charging Order

Danger: A charging order turns an unsecured debt into a debt secured against your home.

Order To Obtain Information

Creditors can apply for a court order to question you under oath about your financial situation

Statutory Demand

I’ve Been Sent a Statutory Demand?

Scare tactic or a threat of bankruptcy? Ignore at your peril as you may be made bankrupt.

Can Payments Be Taken From My Benefits?

Money can be taken directly from benefits for certain types of debts and payments.

3rd Party Debt Order

Attachment Of Earnings

An Attachment Of Earnings Order tells your employer to pay some of your wages to the Court.

3rd Party Debt Order

Third Party Debt Order

A creditor wants to get to your money before you do.

Bailiff carrying Item out of home

Bailiffs – What Are My Rights?

Learn how bailiffs must conduct themselves and which of your items which they can’t take.

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