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IVAs – All you need to know

Learn about how an IVA could help you from our informative guides

IVA Pro and Cons

Benefits and considerations to be taken into account before deciding upon an IVA.

IVA criteria

IVA Acceptance Guidelines

The circumstances and financial situation that contribute to a successful IVA proposal

Debt Included in an IVA

IVA – Debts You Can Include

Learn which debts are treated as expenditure item and which are included as a creditor.

Debt Consolidation Loan or IVA?

See if you can save £1000s with an IVA rather than taking out another loan

IVAs for the Self Employed

Combine personal & business debts into an IVA. Avoid bankruptcy and keep trading.

Priority Debts in an IVA

The difference between debts as expenditure items and included debts in an IVA explained

IVA or Debt Management Plan

A look at differences between a debt management plan and an IVA

IVA guarantor loans

Guarantor loans in an IVA

How guarantor loans are treating in an IVA if you are the borrower or the guarantor.

IVAs and Homeowners

The benefits and considerations for homeowners considering an IVA

IVA or Bankruptcy?

An IVA and bankruptcy are both forms of insolvency but they work very differently.

IVA Example Cases

A IVA helps all sorts of people find a way out of their debt problems.

IVAs and Joint Debts

If you have joint debt and include it in your IVA, the other person is still be responsible for making payments towards it.

IVA Proposal

This is your detailed IVA application – put together by us

Your IVA Application and FAQ

Before committing to an IVA we get as much information as possible so we are sure it’s right for you.

Meeting of Creditors

The MOC process is totally electronic and does not involve any actual meeting.

IVA Regulatory Information

Information for people considering an IVA we required to signpost.

IVA Fees and Costs

An explanation of the Fees and Costs associated with Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

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