A company that actually roots for you

I initially came across Debt Guardians after searching IVA on Google and shortly thereafter had an open and honest conversation about my debt. I’d previously had a phone call with the council where they were pretty cold and unhelpful so I generally just felt like the world was against me.

Matthew at Debt Guardians however was a breath of fresh air and was really understanding. I never felt stupid or ashamed for the situation I’d gotten myself into. I finally felt like there was someone with some power actually rooting for my financial situation to get better.

If you feel overwhelmed, just get in touch with these lot and your problems will feel a whole lot smaller. It’s easy to shy away but the team here stay in frequent contact to make sure you get through the admin and prevent you from becoming more overwhelmed.

You guys should feel really good about what you do, you’ve changed my life and given my mind peace. I’m no longer embarrassed and I feel protected as long as I’m in touch with Debt Guardians.

Thank you so much, Matthew and the team.

Eddie K

October 11, 2021

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