My quality of life will go from bad to good

My Debt Guardian Matthew helped find the best solution to my debt problems by helping me set up an IVA.

My debts starting spiralling out of control and I ended up in a cycle I couldn’t get out of. I had been paying about £300 a month in loan and debit card debt and it would have taken me about 10 years to clear it.

After sorting out my IVA I will now be paying £100 a month towards my debts for 5 years and then I will be debt-free.

Yes, my credit rating will go from good to bad but my quality of life will go from bad to good without t of working 40 hours a week just to pay debts.

If your struggling I would definitely recommend getting in touch for a chat, I know I feel like a weight has been lifted now.


August 3, 2020

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